Experiments at Rez in December 2022

FRINGE teams up with BIOCEV. New FRINGE equipment for cell work (laminar flow hood, incubator and centrifuge) have been installed at Rez. Meeting with the director of BIOCEV Professor Pavel Martásek. From Left to right: Dr. K. Stefanopoulos (NCSRD), Prof. P. Martásek (BIOCEV), Dr. T. Theodossiou (OUS) and Dr. M. Jakubek (VSCHT/BIOCEV) Mrs. Kateřina Veselá is … Read more

FRINGE video interview with our coordinator

FRINGE  is an ambitious project as it sets out to achieve a scientific breakthrough in previously uncharted territory in order to pave the way for a ground-breaking new cancer therapy. In this video interview our FRINGE coordinator,  Dr Theodossis Theodossiou from the University of Oslo, explains to us what FRINGE is about, what the consortium … Read more

Experiments at the reactor in Řež part II July 11-15 2022

FRINGE team members from OUS and NCSRD travelled to Řež for the second time in July 2022. The focus of the five day visit was to conduct further experiments at the reactor in Řež  to consolidate the success of the first visit in cells and solution. A big thank you to our colleagues at CVŘež for … Read more

FRINGE poster presentation at the Girona Seminar

The Girona Seminar took place in the city of Girona from May 31st to June 3rd 2022 and some of our research was shown at the poster session. In the poster, there were displayed some photophysical properties of a few photosensitizers obtained using computational tools. 

A trip to PSI: 2 days of solution experiments and spectrograph troubleshooting

From 25-26 May 2022, partners from OUS, IFE and NCSRD travelled to PSI in Switzerland for further FRINGE experiments. From left to right back row: Kostis (NCSRD), Kenneth (IFE) and Aliaksandr the engineer from SOL Instruments Ltd flew in from Belarus for looking at the spectrograph. In the front, Antigoni (NCSRD) By the river at … Read more

FRINGE consortium meeting in Prague held on 26 March

The FRINGE consortium was happy to be able to meet again in person in Prague, Czech Republic for their annual meeting on 26 March 2022. After mainly communicating online and per email for the past two years, meeting in person gave us the opportunity for fruitful discussions and interactions during the meeting. In total 17 … Read more

Consortium meeting planned to be held at VSCHT

The FRINGE consortium finally has the opportunity to meet again in person to discuss the project, results and next steps. The meeting will be held at our partner Vysoka Skola Chemicko-Technologicka V Praze (VSCHT) in the Czech Republic on the 26 March 2022. Our coordinator, OUS, and partner NCSRD will already be on site as … Read more