FRINGE experiments at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) at Vilingen, Switzerland, 25-29 August 2023

FRINGE consortium members travelled to PSI in Switzerland for further experiments. Irradiating FRINGE samples in solution with cold-thermal neutrons at ICON, to detect the production of singlet oxygen.

Ongoing irradiations of the FRINGE samples in the bunker of ICON at SINQ, PSI.

Preparing the samples for the experiments, from left to right: Theo Theodossiou (OUS), Kostas Stefanopoulos (NCSRD) and Geir Helgesen (IFE).

One more experimental run comes to a successful conclusion, last day at the PSI chemistry lab, from left to right: Antigoni Kalamara (NCSRD), Kostas Stefanopoulos (NCSRD), Theo Theodossiou (OUS) and Kenneth Dahl-Knudsen (IFE).

With flying colours! A batch of the FRINGE samples.

Preparing the cuvettes for irradiation, from left to right:  Kenneth Dahl-Knudsen (IFE) and Kostas Stefanopoulos (NCSRD).