NCSRD Spectograph Installation, 20-21.10.2020

Setting up the NCSRD spectrograph, the supersensitive “eye of FRINGE„ consisting of a CCD camera in the visible  and a near infrared photomultiplier tube for singlet oxygen luminescence.

FRINGE Factsheet available for download

To provide audiences interested in the FRINGE project we have developed a project factsheet which gives an overview of the project at one glance. The factsheet provides information on the concept, objectives and activities that FRINGE aims to achieve as well as an overview of the all partners involved. Download the factsheet here

Consortium Meeting in Switzerland

For the second time since the start of the project in May 2019, the whole consortium has come together.In early March we all met in Zurich, Switzerland where our partner accelopment AG is located. The meeting contained presentations by the partners and many interesting discussions. The up and downs of the first year has let … Read more

NCSRD Benchmark 9MeV, 24-28.02.2020

Science can be fun at NCSRD! Below you can see the NCSRD team setting up 9 MeV neutrons for the first FRINGE experiment. 

Congratulations to the researcher of the year – Theodossis A. Theodossiou

Theodossis A. Theodossiou (OUS) was awarded the prize researcher-of-the-year 2019 from the leadership at the Institute of Cancer Research for his outstanding scientific contribution in 2019. We at FRINGE are proud to have him on our team! With his innovativeness and passion for his work, Theo is not only a the project coordinator of of … Read more

Kick-off Meeting in Oslo 6th-7th May

FRINGE partners from all over Europe are travelling to Oslo, Norway on 6th May 2019 to kick-off the project. The aim of the 2-day meeting is to get together for the first time and plan the next steps of the FRINGE project with the help of presentations and discussions. The FRINGE project has now kicked … Read more

Official project start 1st of May

The EU funded project FRINGE has officially started on 1st of May 2019. The project will run for 54 month under the coordination of Dr. Theodossis Theodossiou from the Olso Universitetssykehus HF. FRINGE is an ambitious project as it sets out to achieve a scientific breakthrough in previously uncharted territory in order to pave the … Read more

FRINGE successfully evaluated

The FRINGE proposal has been evaluated positively and will therefore receive funding under the research and innovation action, FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking, under grant agreement number 828922. FRINGE – Fluorescence and Reactive oxygen Intermediates by Neutron Generated electronic Excitation as a foundation for radically new cancer therapies The vision of FRINGE is to lay the … Read more