FRINGE Workshop at the European Researcher’s Night – Exploring Porphyrins and Metal Transport for a Cure

As part of the European Researcher’s Night, the University of Girona (UdG) organised workshop on 30 September 2022 for children and the general public on exploring porphyrins and metal transport in the context of cancer treatment in an easy to understand way.

The primary objectives of the workshop were to introduce children to the following key concepts:

  • Exploring how electrons circulate freely through porphyrin molecules, driven by their aromaticity.
  • Understanding the significance of these electrons in various metabolic reactions within living organisms.

The workshop demonstrated the complex scientific concepts being researched in FRINGE and the possibilities of porphyrins and their role in transporting metals. The interactive nature of the workshop made complex scientific concepts accessible to children and gave them an understanding for the world of chemistry and its potential to address critical health challenges like cancer.