PSI Neutra, 31.07-03.08.2021

And from Greece to Switzerland. First experiment at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) :NEUTRA

NCSRD 9MeV, 05-22.03.2021

Bespoke compounds which fluoresce under light excitation, but will they do the same under neutron irradiation?

NCSRD Spectograph Installation, 20-21.10.2020

Setting up the NCSRD spectrograph, the supersensitive “eye of FRINGE„ consisting of a CCD camera in the visible  and a near infrared photomultiplier tube for singlet oxygen luminescence.

NCSRD Benchmark 9MeV, 24-28.02.2020

Science can be fun at NCSRD! Below you can see the NCSRD team setting up 9 MeV neutrons for the first FRINGE experiment.