A trip to PSI: 2 days of solution experiments and spectrograph troubleshooting

From 25-26 May 2022, partners from OUS, IFE and NCSRD travelled to PSI in Switzerland for further FRINGE experiments.

From left to right back row: Kostis (NCSRD), Kenneth (IFE) and Aliaksandr the engineer from SOL Instruments Ltd flew in from Belarus for looking at the spectrograph. In the front, Antigoni (NCSRD)

By the river at PSI: Left to right, Antigoni (NCSRD), Kostis (NCSRD) and Kenneth (IFE)

Aliaksandr on the job with the spectrograph with Kenneth (IFE) on his right and Kostis (NCSRD) on his left. On the screen, Theo (OUS) can be seen on a continuous live feed from Oslo.

The spectrograph layout.

Solutions ready for irradiation at the proximal side to the NEUTRA source

Testing the spectrograph with laser induced fluorescence.